Change is in the Air

11 May

Culture Cookies turns 4 this month. I started this blog as an outlet for long-form writing about topics I liked. It was that simple. And because of that original purpose, the blog became a sort of clearinghouse for whatever happened to pique my interest on a particular day. Over time it has morphed into a curious blend of topics, from business strategy to social commentary.

I work in brand strategy, and we talk a lot about brand positioning. Good brand strategy means knowing what your organization stands for, boiled down to its purest essence and its strongest points of differentiation. I’ve tried to apply that approach to Culture Cookies in the past to brainstorm ways to build my readership. Should it become a baking blog? A marketing blog? Any possible approach I came up with involved narrowing the blog’s scope. And over time, I’ve realized I simply don’t want to do that. I want this blog to stay my clearinghouse for whatever I find interesting, whether that’s an homage to World’s Fairs, a travel diary, or a critique of a new ad campaign.

Instead of making this blog more focused, I’m starting a new blog that’s more narrow. Baking has grown in importance for me over time and at this point it’s fair to call baking a defining hobby. I occasionally post about food on Culture Cookies, but I think it’s time to give my baking habit its own place on the Internet.

So readers: meet sugarsmithExpect a mix of recipe experiments, bakery reviews, ice cream taste-tests, and probably some longer musings from time to time. I hope you like it over there – and hope to still see you back here at Culture Cookies, too!

Here’s a peek at the sorts of things you can expect to see on sugarsmith: 


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