Herb’s the Word

22 Jan

Doesn’t this Strawberry Basil Ice Cream look amazing? Baked Bree sure knows what she’s doing (click on the picture to go to the recipe)

When someone mentions dessert, herbs probably aren’t the first thing that come to mind. But in the last couple years, I’ve found that there’s something really satisfying about the way that herbs interact with more traditional dessert ingredients like sugar and vanilla. My first herb-tinged encounter was with lavender ice cream a few years back. Then it was the Lavender Sea Salt Shortbread from Batter Bakery in San Francisco. And more recently I’ve been on a rosemary kick, trying it in everything from shortbread to cake.

Herb-filled cookies aren’t exactly cookie-cutter fare, so to speak. But herbs do seem to be getting more attention in the dessert world these days. And as my friends know, I’ll try anything that intrigues me – so I expect many more herb-tinged desserts in my future. Here are some of the top herb desserts on my radar. Do you have any other suggestions?

Some Recent Favorites

Rosemary Shortbread from Taste and Temper:  I bookmarked this months before I actually got to make it, and was so happy when I finally tried it out

Vanilla Honey Lavender Ice Cream from Three Twins: A smooth, subtle hint of lavender makes a classic ice cream flavor even more enjoyable

Rosemary Cookies from David Lebovitz: I served these at my Cookie Swap, and even the rosemary-doubters turned into fans

Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti with Rosemary and White Chocolate from Saint & Olive: These came to me courtesy of a gift basket, and I was so impressed by the first bite that I immediately Googled the maker. Saint & Olive, you have a new fan

Next on my list:

Apple Thyme Cake from Rebecca Franklin: This looks amazing, and the flavors are rather intriguing, too.

Apricot Tarragon Cookies from Dorie Greenspan: Apricot is already one of my favorite flavors, so why not add an herb-y touch?

Orange Rosemary Cupcakes from Rite of Cake: A friend sent me this recipe in response to my last post about loving all things chocolate-orange, and I can’t wait to try it out.

Wildberry Lavender Ice Cream from Jeni’s: This is on my radar for the next time I’m in Ohio

Strawberry Basil Ice Cream from Baked Bree: Anyone with an ice cream maker want to come over tonight and make this with me? Pretty pretty please?


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