Orange Crush

13 Jan

During a recent trip to Canada, I checked every single Laura Secord’s I saw in hopes of finding Tiger Tiger. No such luck, but I did try some other great flavors

We all have flavors that “speak” to us. My brother loves anything that’s triple chocolate. My boyfriend loves anything that’s chocolate with chili. And me? I love anything that’s chocolate-orange. Family stories have long attributed this preference to an ice cream flavor at Laura Secord’s in Canada. According to the story, I used to love a flavor called “Tiger Tiger,” which was orange ice cream with a chocolate stripe. But when I Googled the flavor recently, I discovered that perhaps our memory is wrong – other Tiger Tiger fans mention that it had a licorice stripe, not chocolate. So maybe that isn’t where I learned to love chocolate-orange. Regardless, the flavor has become a fixture for me, and I pretty much never cheat on it. Ice cream, cookies, you name it – if chocolate-orange is an option, I’m going to get it.

Here are some of the best chocolate-orange treats I’ve had in the past. Are there any other chocolate-orange goodies you recommend? And what’s your go-to flavor? 

Ice Cream

– Chocolate Orange Confetti from Three Twins. This brand is a Bay Area staple, which means I have access to it whenever I want. I consider that a win

– Swiss Orange Chip from Swensen’s. Another Bay Area favorite, and readily available at a local scoop shop

-If I ever end up in Santa Barbara I want to try McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams because their take on Chocolate Orange sounds divine

Pastries/Baked Goods 


Patisserie Bigo in Amboise, France provides an experience that’s both delicious and delightful

Patisserie Bigot  in Amboise, France has one of the best chocolate orange variations I have ever tasted. If you somehow end up nearby, I recommend visiting trying their chocolate orange macaron. A most wonderful mix of perfect macaron pastry with a rich chocolate filling. Order the macaron and a cup of tea, then stay for a while – it’s a rather charming place to enjoy an afternoon

– A friend brought some chocolate orange cookies to my recent cookie swap, and of course I squealed with delight, then begged her for the recipe. These cookies incorporate cardamom as well as orange, which makes for a really unique flavor

– On my “to bake” list: Orange Ricotta Chocolate Chip cookies, Orange Chocolate Cupcakes, Chocolate Orange Cream Cheese Pound Cake 

Chocolates, etc. 

– Valor Chocolates is a Spanish company that both operates their own shops and sells chocolate bars through other channels. If you’re able to visit one of their Spanish “chocolaterias” I suggest you order a (big) cup of the Mediterraneo drinking chocolate. It’s rich, melted chocolate with a tinge of orange. Much thicker and richer than what we know as “hot chocolate” here in the U.S.

– I discovered Cote D’Or’s Orange chocolate bar when I was living in France for the summer. It’s a high quality chocolate bar, for a relatively fair price compared to many of the other bars out there


3 Responses to “Orange Crush”

  1. punnort January 13, 2014 at 8:59 AM #

    Finnish candy manufacturer Karl Fazer makes a chocolate bar out of darkish chocolate, which has orange flavour and pieces of something crispy. Could be a bit hard to obtain outside Finland, though.


    • Felicia January 13, 2014 at 7:08 PM #

      Certainly haven’t seen that one before, but it sounds great! I’ll keep an eye out for it if I ever happen upon a store that specializes in foreign candy.



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