And the Beat Goes On (Picture Prattle)

15 Nov


I took this picture in May 2011 as I traipsed around the Mount Pleasant neighborhood of Washington D.C. I was in D.C. for a long weekend, mostly to visit college friends. It was a wonderful weekend, full of reunions both planned and unexpected. D.C. attracts a lot of alums from my university, and it felt like everywhere I went I ran into someone I knew from college. I crammed a lot into my weekend: I geeked out on history, tried the local cupcakes, peeked at the White House, engaged in a Nutella-fest, explored art museums, listened to a drum circle, spent hours at an Ethiopian restaurant catching up with dear friends, paid my respects at our national monuments. A great trip, and one that I look back on with utmost sentimentality.

May of 2011 was the beginning of a transition period for me as I started to think about making a career change. As I physically wandered around D.C., my mind wandered too. I thought about my hopes and dreams and goals. I thought about where I wanted to be in 5 years (that classic interview question) and how I would have answered that question 5 years prior. I reflected on what had gotten me to that moment in time- the passions, the choices, the people. I spent an afternoon at a coffee shop playing on LinkedIn, searching keywords that interested me and seeing what kind of people popped up.

I snapped this photo as I walked back to meet my hostess for dinner. We were cooking dinner with a few of her friends, and I stopped in this market for a few key provisions. I assumed this musical scene was the norm: that it happened every week, or at least on a regular basis. But my hostess said she’d never seen this happen before. Which makes me even more glad I stumbled upon it. When I look at this picture I see joy, I see family, I see peace. I see people doing what they love, with people they love. I see hope for letting your passions shine through and guide you.

Below are some more photos from my trip. I had a lot of ground to cover- I hadn’t been to D.C. in 10 years!



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