(Don’t) Answer the Phone

20 Sep

apparently this is posted in a library in Slovenia. it’s also super cute. (source:Wikimedia)

We’re all guilty of it.  We’re out to dinner, out for a walk, perhaps just sitting around with our friends. And try as we might to resist, we just can’t- we have to check our phones.

It’s become normal to see people glued to their phones every second of the day. No moment seems to be off limits- people even check their email during one-one-one conversations. Today I saw a toddler on the bus, glued to an iPhone. It’s just how things have become.

But, wait. What if we reject that this is an inevitable outcome? What if we consciously try to forget about those little device sometimes, and instead invest more energy in the moments we’re actually living? What if we proactively choose to NOT take out our phones during social events, meetings, meals. The video below was all over my Facebook Newsfeed this week, and I just absolutely love it. I’m not as glued to my phone as many other people I know, but I still do check it far more often than can truly be necessary. And it’s not only when we’re with others that we miss out. We also forget to notice the little things around us when we’re alone- it’s hard to observe the real world when the virtual world is so salient. Checking from time to time seems just fine by me. But when we forget about the world around us because we’re so caught up in the world on our phones, I think we have a problem.


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