Cookie Starts With C

16 Sep
English: Homemade monster cookie with M&M candies

A good breakfast, right? (picture from Wikipedia)

Monday morning feels like a good time for a warm and fuzzy news story and a little laugh. So here you go: I’d like to give you an update on everyone’s favorite cookie expert. Nope, not Famous Amos. Not Mrs. Fields. Not even Betty Crocker. Today, I’d like to talk about (drum roll please)…Cookie Monster.

Yes, that’s right- our favorite oogly-eyed, blue-furred monster has made the news reports lately, thanks to a new skill: self-control. In a recent clip from the PBS masterpiece, Tom Hiddleston from “The Avengers” teaches Cookie Monster how to be a little more patient when it comes to cookies. Instead of gobbling up every cookie he sees, he’s taught to wait a bit to chow down. As Tom explains, delayed gratification can be a very good thing, and can help Cookie Monster appreciate those delicious treats even more.

This clip is adorable and will make you smile, so I suggest you go watch it immediately. I suppose it’s a good idea to teach children restraint vs. the “olden days” character of Cookie Monster, where he simply gobbled up every cookie in sight. If only they’d thought to teach Cookie Monster patience back in my day- I can totally relate to how Cookie Monster acts early on in this clip!


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