Picture Prattle: Wave the Flag

29 Aug

a scrumptious version of the Italian flag   (picture from visualnews.com)

It’s easy to forget just how much a nation’s flag symbolizes. Especially since there is so much variation: while some flags are laden with pictorial symbolism, others seem rather plain.

But when you really think about it, flags are immensely rich cultural symbols. Regardless of what’s woven into the design, the flag itself stands for so much more. Flags represent countries at sporting events, in wars, even on the moon. They’re symbols of pride, heritage and hope. They come with almost mythical stories of creation and endurance.

A friend recently posted on Facebook about a delightful (and delicious) project created by an Australian ad agency to promote Sydney’s International Food Festival. The project consisted of depicting a range of flags from around the world… entirely in food. And not just any food: food that’s associated with that particular country’s cuisine and heritage.

On the surface, it’s a rather simple idea, but it’s also such a clever one. I think my favorites are the Indian flag and the British flag. Though right now, I could go for a heaping serving of the Greek flag!

Check out the flags here


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