Full of Surprises

13 Aug

My list of things I want to bake is pretty long, which means I don’t always get to things very quickly. There’s recipes that sit on my list for months- years, even. So whenever I cross a long-craved recipe off the list, it feels like a little triumph.

Brownie Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies (picture from Picky Palate)

I had such a triumph a couple weeks ago with a recipe from a blog called Picky Palate. The author, Jenny, claims that her recipes will please even the pickiest eaters- but really, I find it hard to think of anyone who WOULDN’T want to eat her Brownie Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies out of her own volition. Check out the image to the left: what you see in the middle of that cookie isn’t just more chocolate. It’s a hidden surprise- an entire brownie! Imagine biting into a delectable cookie only to discover a surprise brownie. Two delicious desserts in one! Certainly not health food- but definitely happy food.

I baked up a batch of these Brownie Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies to bring to my friend in NYC as a thank you for letting me crash on his couch. Given that he “kidnapped” the entire batch and took it to his bedroom, far, far away from his roommates, I’d say he appreciated the gesture.

construction process (picture from Picky Palate)

This recipe is actually pretty simple. I cheated and used boxed brownie mix for the brownie part rather than baking that part from scratch, but you could certainly make your own brownies if you wished. You just bake the brownies, make the cookie dough, wrap the dough around the brownies, and bake once more. Utterly delicious. And I loved the basic cookie recipe on its own, too. I made a few plain cookies without any surprise middles and was really happy with how they tasted- I think I might have found a new base chocolate chip cookie recipe!

Some other “surprising” treats I’ve made in the past:

And what I want to make next:



2 Responses to “Full of Surprises”

  1. Anonymous August 13, 2013 at 8:43 AM #

    I loved it too 🙂 see you soon!! 🙂



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