Frozen S’mores: The Dessert I Never Knew I Needed

31 Jul

It’s no secret that I love s’mores. It’s also no secret that I love ice cream. So when I heard that New York City bakery Dominique Ansel was introducing a new frozen s’more concoction, the dessert instantly went on my “must try” list. Problem was, I don’t live in New York.

That problem was solved this past week, when I happened to end up in NYC for a work trip. My company’s NY office is conveniently close to Dominique Ansel, so I was able to make a lunch-time jaunt to the bakery. And am I ever glad I did! I ordered a frozen s’more, as well as a pastry called the Paris-NY. Both were great- but let’s focus on the s’more for a minute.

watching the pastry chef torch my s'more

watching the pastry chef torch my s’more

Imagine a marshmallow-like shell that’s torched so it reaches brûlée status. You bite into that sugary deliciousness and get a mouthful of smooth vanilla custard, punctuated by bits of chocolate wafer cookies. Each s’more is served on a stick that’s been smoked using applewood chips to recreate the distinct smell of a bonfire. The result is a truly mouthwatering treat with an impressive blend of tastes and textures. At $7 a pop these frozen beauties are a tad pricey- but it’s definitely worth a try, at least once! There’s an entertainment factor to it too since they torch the s’mores to order.

an inside shot of the s’more. picture from

As a bonus, the Today Show was at the bakery filming a segment on the s’mores and asked me to answer some questions on camera. I only made it into a few seconds of the actual show, but it was definitely a fun experience.

Needless to say, my trip to Dominique Ansel made me one happy camper. And no, I didn’t get any cronuts- you have to wait in line at 6 A.M. to get one, and that just wasn’t going to happen.

In case you were wondering, the Paris-NY was also very, very good. A scrumptious mix of sugary pastry, peanut, chocolate and caramel…what’s not to like? Perhaps not as science-defying as a frozen s’more, but a very satisfying treat nonetheless.


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