Let’s Go!

25 Jul

A couple days ago I wrote about an anthropologist who let strangers dictate what he did with his day in San Francisco. Now imagine that instead of letting strangers plan your itinerary for a single day, you left it up to chance where you headed for your ENTIRE vacation. Would you do it?


the Mexico City airport

the Mexico City airport

Heineken recently pulled a marketing stunt where they set up a giant wheel at JFK that was labeled with a ton of destinations. The brand’s team then dared travelers to spin the wheel and play “Departure Roulette” to see where the wheel would land. Players were expected to go wherever the wheel dictated- meaning they would have to cancel their original plans. Some people declined to participate from the get-go since their plans couldn’t change, but others played along and gave the wheel a spin. They then took off on an adventure, letting the wheel tell them where to go.

Now, who knows what level of obligation these folks actually had to follow the will of the wheel- and who cares? It’s a fun idea, and the promo video has already gotten close to 2M views on YouTube, giving Heineken great exposure. Does this have anything to do with beer? Of course not. But so much of alcohol marketing has to do with lifestyle, and Heineken clearly has an agenda in mind about how they want their brand to be portrayed.

I don’t know if I’d actually drop everything and change my plans when I was already at the airport, but I do want to take a trip where I choose my destination more haphazardly than normal. Meaning that instead of spending weeks planning for a specific destination I’d simply plan on vacation days, then pick my destination the week, based on whatever flights happen to be cheapest. The boldest move, of course, would be to just decide at the airport based on flights leaving that day. But even picking a week before sounds exciting to me, and almost freeing in some way. Maybe this year…


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