Have A Coke

9 Jun

You know those souvenirs that say people’s names on them? Hats that say Alex, mugs that say Rachel…those kinds of things? Well, when your name is Felicia, you don’t buy too many of those. When I was younger, I’d always take an eager peek to see if the souvenirs had my name on them. Usually the answer was no- but if it was yes, naturally I had to buy the souvenir, no matter what it was. My collection ended up being pretty random, without any sort of logic  to it. No trends about finding my name in certain regions, on certain objects, etc. My bounty included a mug from Dollywood, a California license plate, and a zipper pull. I also had a handful of keychains from Disney rides…why some rides sell Felicia keychains and others don’t is beyond my understanding.

Source: Times of Israel

As a consequence of being left out of personalized souvenirs, I became really into personalized goods as a whole. I literally cannot get enough of customized things, even today. Which is why I absolutely love a recent campaign that Coke carried out in Israel. The campaign involved customizing cans of coke with Hebrew names and phrases. How fun would it be to have a Coke with your name on it? Obviously this isn’t necessary in any shape or form (and most clever marketing schemes aren’t). But it’s a fantastic concept: consumers have a special reason to buy a Coke, Coke gets lots of PR, and everyone is happy. Well…. everyone except for the kid who can’t find his name!




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