The 2nd Year

26 May

It’s my 2nd anniversary of writing this blog, which means it’s time to celebrate! You might expect me to bake myself a cake in my honor… but given the name of this blog, cookies would really be much more appropriate. So in honor of my blog’s 2nd birthday, here are some of the best cookie recipes I made in the past year. Apologies in advance to your waistline!

yummy hamentaschen waiting to cool

yummy hamentaschen waiting to cool

Buttery hamentaschen: These buttery pocket cookies can be filled with jams, chocolate- we even tried goat cheese!

Peanut apple pretzel drops: Yes, that’s a lot of add-ins. Yes, they’re wonderful.

Salted caramel chocolate chip bars: Every bit as good as it sounds

S’Mores Bars: I’m far from shy about my love of smores. This cookie recipe is delicious to the max

Spicy chocolate cookies: Yes, I already wrote about these but if you haven’t tried them yet, go do it now

And what cookies are to come in the upcoming year? Here’s a peek into my “to bake” list: 

I want to make these. And then eat every single one. Photo: JustAPinch (

Pink frosted cookies like the ones you buy at the grocery store: You know, the addicting ones that somehow defy the fact that most grocery store baked goods are mediocre

Rosemary shortbread: I saw this recipe and immediately added it to my list

Black and whites: I’ve made black and white cookies before but wasn’t too excited with the results- why not give another recipe a try?


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