Did I Get It?

Getting a job is no easy feat, and we all know we’re supposed to seriously prepare for the interviews. All you have to do is google to find myriad lists with practice interview questions and tips on how to answer them. And while certain industries have specific additions to the interview process (e.g. case questions or take home tests), it’s true that there’s a pretty standard set of questions that tend to float up.

Which is exactly why Heineken decided to take a rather unique approach. Faced with an internship opening in its Amsterdam office, Heineken knew that asking all the same questions would just get them all the same answers. So they concocted a rather odd series of “tests” to give the candidates that called on their character and personality more than their ability to recite their greatest weakness. And then they produced an ad of sorts based on the whole ordeal and made it public. It’s pretty funny, and a valid point: it’s not always easy to get to know someone through the standard interview format. Many companies address this by throwing in some bizarre questions, just to see how people react. Heineken took it even further. Hopefully this helped them find someone who was a truly good fit for the company culture and approach.

If a company tried to copy this in the US, I think a few thing would happen. 1. someone would complain it wasn’t fair because they couldn’t prepare 2. someone would sue, because Americans like to sue and there’s some weird stuff in here and 3. whoever won would be on all the morning talk shows. Check out the video and see what you think- would you have gotten the job?

3 thoughts on “Did I Get It?

    • Felicia March 3, 2013 / 5:23 PM

      Hi David! Glad you liked it- thanks for sharing with your followers!


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