Picture Prattle: It’s Ok To Look Down

10 Nov

Mexico City

A few nights ago I was taking a break between some focus groups and took a minute to look out the window. What I saw was a busy city street, full of people and traffic. The city looked poetic, dark with a slight glow from streetlights. As I stared, I analyzed the pattern of the streets and the way the buildings fit into the scene. And I realized it’d been a while since I’d looked at a city like that. I hadn’t exactly forgotten how beautiful it could be, but I HAD forgotten how much it could take my breath away.

Up until a year ago, I worked on the 17th floor of an even taller building. And I lived in an pretty tall building, too. But these days I tend to frequent much shorter buildings and I rarely see my city from above. In honor of the beauty of cities from high up: I bring you a collection of cityscapes I’ve shot over the years. I could totally turn this into a lesson on city grids and urban planning, but I won’t. Today, let’s just enjoy the scenery.  And remember- I’m not a trained photographer, so cut me some slack. Focus on the patterns and colors- not the technical merits (or lack thereof) of the photos themselves.

PS It’s ok to look up, too. Learn why here


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