Rock Your Socks

3 Jun

Last month I wrote about how hard it is to remember to buy new socks. Now imagine that you’ve figured out the purchasing part of the sock equation- but just can’t seem to hold on to the socks once you have them. No matter how hard you try to keep track, you always seem to lose a sock or two.

Worry no more: Betabrand has you covered. Betabrand is an online-only clothing company that pushes out new styles on a very regular basis. They have a ton of innovative and hilarious things to offer, but their newest program just cracked me up: Sock Insurance. Buy your socks from Betabrand and you are guaranteed 2 replacements within the first year. The only catch? You have to be on Facebook. In order to claim your “benefits,” you’d have to post a photo of you holding your lonesome sock and making a “sad sock face.”

No, Betabrand isn’t trying to humiliate its customers for losing their socks. First off, the company’s positioning centers on a great sense of humor, so this sort of move fits its personality to a T. Second, each time a customer posts their sad sock face, instant marketing. We’ll see of course if that drives any actual customer behavior (i.e. if the Facebook friends then click through to Betabrand and buy stuff). Regardless of the concrete financial outcome, the insurance plan just fits Betabrand’s brand SO SO well that I can’t help but applaud. Well done!


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