Sock It To Me

7 May

Do you ever find yourself out of socks and dreading the effort it will take to buy new ones? No? Me neither. But apparently some people can’t stomach the thought of having to buy their own socks on a semi-regular basis, because a company called Blacksocks has figured out how to sell socks by mail (a Sockscription, if you will). Just sign up, pick your favorite style, and you’ll get regular shipments every 3 months. The company started out with black socks, but also sells things like undershirts.

If the company’s website is to believed, the service has 60,000 subscribers. So I guess there are enough people out there who can’t handle sock shopping to sustain this business model. There’s also enough people out there to sustain things like fruit of the month clubs and subscription antique coin services, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

In other news, did you know raspberry socks are in this season? Neither did I. So glad to know! You absolutely need to check out this website… if nothing else so you can see the awesome picture of socks on a silver serving tray.


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