Picture Prattle: Tell Me What You Think

23 Feb

This picture may be fuzzy, but its meaning is pretty clear: lululemon knows how to handle its customers. I found this in the back of a lululemon store this past weekend, by the fitting rooms. The ask? For customers to write down their reactions to current lines, ideas for future lines, requests of the company, etc. The impact? Customers feeling like their ideas are wanted, opinions are valued and concerns are head.  Technically, lots of stores ask for feedback: they put little pads of paper near the checkout or send out surveys via email and hope customers take the time to reply. But putting a feedback board by the fitting room shifts the meaning of good customer service.  Instead of requesting that customers describe the experience they had shopping in the store, lululemon wants to know about their experiences wearing the clothes: they are asking about the product rather than the salesperson. 

Who knows how high up this feedback gets funneled- maybe stores collect it and send it to corporate, maybe they don’t. regardless, it’s a great idea to ask customers for their thoughts about how the clothes wear and what sorts of designs they’d like to see. And for a company like lululemon, which has a pretty strong following already, it can only increase goodwill. So kudos to you, lululemon (which, by the way, has experienced a very fast growth rate). Well done!


What Do You Think?

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