You Never Know… You Know?

9 Jan

When I graduated college, I thought I had a plan. If someone had told me that a couple of years later I’d move across the country, switch jobs, have hair that went significantly past my shoulders and, on top of all THAT, wear my glasses almost every day – I literally would have told that person that he/she was absolutely crazy. And yet, here I am, in a new town, working at a new company, loving the long hair and sporting those glasses pretty much every day. Which just reinforces the fact that you can never predict how events, people and circumstances will change and connect throughout your life.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about timing and coincidences. It’s a topic that has interested me for years: the guy you dated because you happened to be in the elevator, the bus you just barely missed because your shoe came untied – and then, because you missed it, you ran into a friend on the street. Things like that have always fascinated me, but lately these sorts of “who woulda thought” situations keep popping up in unusual ways. Since I moved, I’ve had a number of fun “woah!” moments, including the following:

  • I’ve gotten back in touch with friends I hadn’t seen in years: the girl I met studying abroad in 2008, and even a girl I met at a summer program in 2003. You never know when you meet people when your paths will cross again, and I am grateful for things like Facebook for helping us find and reconnect with old pals.
  • I was wandering around at night, got tired and hopped on public transit. I started talking to the girl next to me, turned out we had a mutual friend- and suddenly I was at a bar with her friends hanging out.
  • For my flight out here I got a courtesy upgrade and got to bring 3 free bags (win!) because I have status on Delta. I only have status because Delta was the best choice when I flew to Alabama for work for a couple of months last year. And I only took Delta for my flight out here because I had a mess of a layover a year ago trying to get to Arkansas and the company gave me a flight voucher as an apology. Weird chain of events that ended up working in my favor and saving me money!

These are just a couple of silly examples, but it’s been really curious to think about all the changes and events I never could have predicted would connect later in life. As I wander around my new city, I stumble upon places and things I remember from my visits here as a kid and wonder what my 10 year-old self would have said if someone told her she’d end up living here someday.  And then I wonder what’s next- but you can never really know. You know?


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