And… We’re Back!

4 Dec

It’s been a while, dear readers. But I think you’ll excuse me given that the past month has included accepting a new job, coordinating a cross-country move and, of course, Thanksgiving. Busy times over here… but we’re back! To ease me back into the habit of writing here and you back into the habit of reading what I write, I’m going for the “cookies” part of the title today: gingerbread.

I adore gingerbread. A-D-O-R-E it. Specifically soft gingerbread, cakey almost. My first memory of such deliciousness comes from a family vacation to colonial Williamsburg, where they sold little packs of soft, scrumptious gingerbread. The hard snap variety is common around the winter season but the soft version isn’t as easy to come by. Enter… Tartine. Tartine is a wonderful bakery in San Francisco’s Mission district with great treats, sandwiches, etc. Last year someone sent me their gingerbread recipe and I am hooked! I’ve made it twice now and have to pass it your way so you can also enjoy the wonders of spicy, warm gingerbread. I’ve also bought some at the actual Tartine and I must admit theirs tasted better than mine… but my version of their recipe is still pretty darn good! I highly recommend you try your own hand at it.


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