It’s The Package That Will Sell

20 Oct

When we were younger my brother and I listened to a radio station called Radio AHHS. The station specialized in children’s music, from the Olsen twins to Disney songs. One of my claims to fame in life is that I was polled on-air for Radio AHHS a couple of times. I know, it’s really impressive. My brother and I occasionally reminisce about some of the music we used to listen to but there is one song in particular that stands out in my mind. The song was about a young boy who baked marvelous cookies and wanted to start a cookie business. He was advised to go to the “Package Man” to get some help packaging his new treats. The song contains a rather catchy refrain that has stuck with me for years: It’s the Package that Will Sell.

I remember being fascinated by that line and trying to apply it to the products around me. Why did I like X brand of toothpaste? Was it the actual toothpaste, or the pretty sparkly tube? Did I pick Y brand of cereal because of its taste or because its box featured my favorite cartoon character? The Package Man song helped open my eyes to some of the most basic tenets of good marketing: how you sell something can often overpower what you are selling. Years later, that song still echoes in my brain as I browse grocery aisles. It also comes to mind when I think about promotions- they’re really just another type of package, presenting the product in a certain way.

I found the Package Man song today and it pretty much made my week. Check it out here. The song gets extra points because one of its characters is named Snookie- Mr. Rosenshantz, you were way ahead of your time! I have to say, it’s sort of cool to think about how the radio taught me a rather important marketing lesson. A little different from 8 year olds singing Super Bass, no?


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