You Should Be Dancing (Yeah!)

5 Sep

I don’t have anything too insightful to say about the following video. I just really, really like it. The video was made to promote a new Westfield mall opening in East London (Westfield is the name of the mall’s development company, for those of you who don’t pay attention to such things). It’s a mix of dance and fashion, showing how both have evolved over the years. Makes me want to get up and dance…even at 7 AM! My favorite moment is at about 1:16 but my favorite dance section is in the 00:20s. Enjoy!


One Response to “You Should Be Dancing (Yeah!)”


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    […] where you want something specific- there is now an app for that! At the risk of sounding like a Westfield Malls commercial, check out this new app from the Westfield Mall development company, found via Mashable a couple of […]


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