Take Me For A Ride

15 Aug

Apparently transit is on my mind this week since I wrote about trucks yesterday and am writing about taxis today. But seriously, check out this video about a promotion LivingSocial did in London. Basically the company converted a normal taxi into a LivingSocial taxi by offering riders special experiences instead of a trip to their planned destinations. If you watch the video you will notice that the “experiences” picked for each set of passengers were clearly contrived to match their personalities, so I don’t really buy that whole “roll the dice” thing. In all reality it’s also entirely possible there was a significant time-lapse between the taxi rides and the adventures. But let’s chalk it up to artistic license and move on because this promo is just too fun. The city I live in has a couple of noteworthy taxi drivers. One is dressed as a cowboy and serenades passengers. Another has a disco ball and plays rockin disco tunes. My coworker got the latter taxi once on the way to the airport, but I personally have yet to strike taxi gold. Though I have had MANY curious conversations with taxi drivers, I have yet to end up in a decorated car and haven’t gotten a singing driver, either. Maybe next time… there’s always hope!

What I love about this LivingSocial cab is that it brings the brand’s identity literally into the customers’ laps. It is much more impactful than simply handing out a coupon would have been and it also resulted in an awesome piece of promotional material that makes the company look fun, diverse, and a tad irreverent. And can we please note the little kid’s reaction to the flashing lights? Too cute.

Watch the promo here:


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