Some Stats for Thought

2 Aug

Did you know that 33% of Facebook posts come from mobile phones? Or that social media accounts for one of every six minutes spent online in the U.S.? And were you aware that businesses pay Twitter $120K per day to sponsor a promoted trending topic?

Social media is a rather powerful animal. I think we all expected a revolution, but had no idea it could go this far. I actually remember the first time I really used the Internet: one of my teachers in school wanted to show us the power of the WWW, so she spent about an hour on the Peeps website clicking through pages. Yes, Peeps as in the marshmallow candies. Yes, in school. No, I have never figured out why she thought that was logical. But I remember being blown away by this cool new technology that could give us information at the speed of a click, connect us to people continents away, and expose us to new forms of relationships.

The stats you’ll read if you click the link below are pretty interesting whether you are a heavy social media user or you simply dabble in social media from time to time. My favorite is #28, which proposes a correlation between “prosocial” people (people very engaged in social media) and good deeds. I wonder if it has to do with seeing communication as less formal and less rigid, and thus people are more willing to make connections with those around them? Or is it that people who are “prosocial” have learned more about topics from around the world? There is a big difference between someone using social media to gossip or play games and someone using social media to learn about new topics or have meaningful dialogue. Sort of makes me want to know if the number of hours people spend on Facebook correlates to how likely they are to make friends in real life…

You can see all the stats here courtesy of AdAge:


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