Yellow Bag Special If You Push G5?

5 Jul

Fun update to the grocery store post: When I was in Mexico City last week I had to do a food comparison. I checked out the stores in the airport when I landed, but then I ended up in front of the vending machine in my company’s Mexico City office and decided to take a closer look. I was close to the glass, trying to read packages when… the rest of my team appeared, saw me studying the vending machine, and started cracking up. Woops! I explained to them that it was a sort of odd anthropological task for me to look at what was inside the machine, and pointed out that if they came to MY office in the U.S., they would find a totally different assortment of snacks. Which was true, this machine didn’t have any products we have in the U.S. A couple of my team members just sort of laughed, but I definitely saw the wheels turning for a couple of them. Success!


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